Plastic pony beads - NEON colours (x10)


This product is brilliant if you want to add some colour, style and life into your dreadlocks! I have some really small dreadlocks amongst really huge ones and to add these beads to my smaller dreadlocks just completes them! They are a simple but eye catching design and I noticed a lot of people commenting on them. You can make patterns with them by adding a few onto one loc and really spice up the style. They arent too big for when you're sleeping and they aren't too heavy either. You get 10 different ones in the packet which I think is a great variety! All in all a great price and the description fits the product perfectly. :) I showered and washed my dreadlocks with these beads in and they didn't budge which is also a massive bonus and less fuss!
Date Added: 04/13/2015 by Coral Gowers